Demian takes all participants through a number of high energy interactive
exercise featuring specific problems and scenarios, and workshops 5
fundamental skills in Innovation Thinking. All participants emerge with the
knowledge and confidence to be able to come up with new useful ideas
whenever they’re needed

Event Downloads

For your convenience, I have assembled the major requirements into a few
packaged downloads.

creating waves of change

Businesses today must see the wave of change, ride the waves of change and CREATE the waves of change. Demian helps teams to navigate change more effectively giving practical tools and strategies to help

Training downloads

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  • “He just has a way of connecting with my guys”

    - Ben Murphy, Rheem

Technical Requirements

Demian’s presentation uses a heavy amount of images and video,allembedded in to his Keynote deck that her uns from his current generation MacbookPro .Due to the customn at ure of his presentation it is not possible to run the slides from another machine or provide the mprior to the presentation. Here commends allowing atleast 30minutes testing time onthe morning of the event.

Our requirements are as follows:
  • A digital data projector with either a VGA or DVI connection. Demian will supply the connecting dongle for his laptop.
  • 3.5mm sound lead to play audio from the laptop Demian will supply his own Logitech remote ,but if the AV desk is far from the stage, were commend you make availablea USB range extenderth at provides line of sight coverage to the stage.
  • Demian’s presentation can display in either 4:3 or 16:9.
  • A fold back screen (amonitorso Demian can see which slides are on screen from any where on stage).
  • Demian doesn’t require a lectern ,and were commend you keep the stage
    as clear as possible for him to move around
  • A wireless lapel orhead set microphone (preferred)
  • A bottle of water on stage
  • Demian will bring an ATOMOSN in jafiel drecording device to take a copy of the live video feed of the presentation .He can connect to your vision desk via HDMI or HDSDI (assuming there is embedded audio)