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In just 120 pages, Demian explodes the myth that only a few gifted (and highly paid) individuals are real “ideas people”. Rather, by drawing on Neuroscientific research, much of it less than 5 years old, he shows how the brain’s normal functioning leads us to think the way we’ve always thought. However, by understanding this default mode, and being able to cleverly disrupt it, he demonstrates a whole range of new techniques that EVERYONE can use to come up with new, useful ideas, on demand

Chapter 1 – What Is innovation Thinking

We summarise the new techniques of Innovation Thinking and show they are different from people’s normal ideas about “creativity. Along the way we remove a number of misconceptions

Chapter 2 – Unlocking The Brain

We take a look at recent research that shows fully why we find coming up with new ideas so difficult, even though when someone shows us an innovation, it so often appears obvious. These insights into brain functioning will help us see why the techniques in this book are so powerful.

Chapter 3 – Who Can Do This

Probably the most important chapter – we show that everyone, not just self-professed “creatives” can master these techniques, and before long, coming up with new ideas will seem as straightforward as writing out a shopping list – literally.

Chapter 4 – The Easy Techniques

We start with a few techniques that can be used at a moment’s notice, such as The Disruptive Pause, Think The Opposite, and Find A Disadvantage. These can be used with very little preparation at any time

Chapter 5 – Look Where No One Else is Looking

One of our most powerful and most reliable techniques, and a favourite with the “non-creatives”, the organised, list oriented people who love a structured, orderly existence.

Chapter 6 – More Advanced Methods

Here we show how creating a problem for ourselves can disrupt the brain’s normal thinking patterns and force us down a new track, and thus seed new ideas.

Chapter 7 – Poke Your Mind With A Nonsense

Our most advanced technique, which takes a little getting used to, but provides the most far reaching innovations. Essentially we show how creating nonsense structures in our mind disrupts patterns in unpredictable ways, and thus provides new tracks for our brain to follow.

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