THE 7 keys to persuasion - HALF DAY persuasion workshop for professionals

THE 7 keys to persuasion - HALF DAY persuasion workshop for professionals


  • Need to sell solutions to clients?
  • Need to pitch to investors?
  • Need to build more cohesive teams?

It turns out there are seven - and only seven - reasons why people say NO.
In this workshop we uncover each of these reasons and see how and when we can overcome them.
Up to 80% of face to face time is dedicated to practical skill development.

Topics Covered:

This workshop deep dives into the 7 keys that need to be turned before people say YES:

  • Key # 1 - is a Availability to be persuaded, or why you shouldn’t talk religion, politics or sport
  • Key # 2- is Trust, which unlike what it says in the modern management hymn book, is not the most important key.
  • Key # 3 - is the client Understanding you, or why engineers and technicians are so bad at selling.
  • Key # 4 - is how much the client believes you Understand them, which might explain why you can’t communicate with your teenage kids
  • Key # 5 - is whether anyone believes they Need what you’re offering. The needs we’re talking about are deeper than they first appear
  • Key # 6 - is whether there is Agreement with what you’re actually saying. Notice how far down the list this is
  • Key # 7 - is whether someone believes they have the Power to do as you suggest. This is where counsellors find their greatest frustration.

With each of the keys, we

  • Understand when and why the key can be hard to turn
  • Learn the basic persuasive strategies to overcome them.

Training Style

This session uses

  • interactive instruction
  • video
  • workbooks

We work through real examples of difficult situations, and identify

  • which keys are not turning, and why
  • proactive solutions - or how situations like this can be avoided
  • Fix it solutions - what skills you need to turn the key and get through the door
To get the most value from this session, participants complete a one hour online prework module that covers the basic ideas. This allows up to 80% of face to face time to be dedicated to practical skill development.