Innovation Thinking Is The New Literacy
Innovation Thinking Is The New Literacy

Imagine you in the mid 1700’s, owning a successful tea trading enterprise, supplying local tea houses and well-to-do families with a tasty new hot treat from the east.

Business is growing and you need some assistance, and so you send word out to the rest of the village that you’ll pay good shillings for someone who’s honest, diligent, and most importantly, organized.

Many good lads apply, but you choose one who is a cut above everyone else, and for one reason. This ambitious young man had availed himself of the new skills of reading and writing.

And of course your business prospers, thanks to the competitive edge you have over almost every other trader in the market.

Almost 400 years ago, literacy was optional and uncommon; now of course it’s assumed.

In today’s market, there is a new set of skills that is becoming like literacy was in the 18th century, and chief among those is Innovation Thinking, the ability to come up with useful, new ideas on demand.

Much of this site is about how to acquire the skills of Innovation Thinking, showing that anyone with nothing more than a high school education can absolutely master the techniques we offer.

But for now we only need to make one point very strongly: Innovation Thinking is becoming a basic skill in business, so that forward thinking professionals can learn these techniques and stay ahead of the curve.


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