Enter The Temporary Corporation
Enter The Temporary Corporation

When it comes to being a human, we know we have to go sometime, but it’s always sad when we know we’re going to lose someone that’s been part of our life for some time. We often react with denial, or take heroic steps to stave off the inevitable.

Here’s what’s strange, though. We often react the same way with corporations. No matter how long a company has been around, it’s always sad to say goodbye.

Now companies can lose their way and collapse through sheer mismanagement. That’s not only sad, it’s a waste.
But often, the market shifts and the very reason for a company’s existence goes with it. We don’t need as many farriers as we did 100 years ago because people aren’t riding horses to work anymore. Printed telephone directories were a great idea for a long time, but are now marginalised to the point of irrelevance. And these demises are sad for anyone who has worked in a declining industry.

But things are changing too fast now for much emotional attachment to a business or a business model. It is becoming good sense to start a business whose life expectancy is a few years or even a few months, because that’s how long it will take for market shifts or technological change to make the niche irrelevant.

For the sake of your long term emotional health, let that be okay.


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